Welcome to Oops Dot Con, this site will teach you how to be careful online. From easy on-line internet surfriding to the provision of e-commerce on our phones and tablets, many folks leverage these conveniences with very little relation to the associated security risks. In recent months, variety of cyberattacks on giant organizations like Home Depot, Target, Apple, and JP Morgan Chase have compromised customer-specific non-public info.

FBI Director James Comey expressed on hr, “The web is that the most dangerous car parking zone conceivable.” nevertheless amid of these issues and warnings, several don’t contemplate the net a dangerous part in their lives. It’s unfortunate that people who do heed these warnings ar presumably to own already been the victim of a law-breaking. It usually takes such AN expertise before one contains a heightened awareness concerning one’s on-line behavior and data sharing.

Being perpetually connected to technology and therefore the web will be quite convenient, however it’s conjointly necessary to know what we are able to do on our finish in terms of interference. easy measures like making certain we’ve AN up-to-date antivirus program in conjunction with habitually running anti-spyware code will be necessary 1st steps. it’s necessary to conjointly make sure the address of AN email sender or ANy links we have a tendency to click inside an email. It’s probably they’ll be self-importance email addresses and links that ar meant to mislead U.S. into basic cognitive process these messages and websites ar legitimate after they truly ar a mechanism of extracting personal knowledge.

Lastly, whereas this could be somewhat stunning to several, use caution of the general public Wi-Fi networks you be a part of. though we have a tendency to gain speed or cut back the quantity of cellular knowledge usage, you run the danger of being on public Wi-Fi that a hacker is additionally observance. exploitation AN application or web site (banking or alternative non-public details) on public Wi-Fi puts you in danger with a possible hacker United Nations agency might have captured your username and secret being sent over the network.